PIT Community @ UC Berkeley: Conference Papers to Foster Better Public Interest Cybersecurity Initiatives

UC Berkeley's Center for Long-Term Cybersecurity (CLTC) Logo

A recent call for papers spearheaded by UC Berkeley’s Center for Long-Term Cybersecurity (CLTC) highlights ongoing efforts to produce research and general insights to inform strategic advances for the future of Public Interest Cybersecurity. The papers will be integrated as part of the 2024 Cyber Civil Defense Summit, which will take place on June 13, 2024, in Washington, DC. The summit, hosted by CLTC with the support of Craig Newmark Philanthropies,brings together cyber defenders, academics, and policymakers to protect vulnerable public infrastructure against cybersecurity threats. The CLTC’s engagement of public infrastructure through a cybersecurity lens highlights the critical importance of cross-sectoral collaboration to strengthen technologies in the public interest. 

Beyond the 2024 conference, the CLTC supports a comprehensive set of research initiatives, programs, events, and reports that aim to broadly shape the future of cybersecurity. Programs such as Municipal Cybersecurity for Community-Based Organizations (CBOs), are public interest cybersecurity projects aimed at supporting CBOs to mitigate security threats and produce strategies to protect sensitive data. This project, in turn, can serve as a model for cities and organizations across the country looking to improve their cybersecurity protocols. This work echoes efforts also underway in the MIT Cybersecurity Clinic, a project supported by the MIT Science Impact Collaborative. CLTC’s AI Security Initiative helps state, national and international policymakers design and implement strategies for AI safety, governance, and ethics. CLTC Publications such as “Cybersecurity Futures 2030: New Foundations” (2023), written in collaboration with the World Economic Forum Centre for Cybersecurity and the Center for Naval Analyses (CNA) Institute for Public Research, outline forward-looking recommendations on cybersecurity to inform strategies for leaders and set policy-agendas for organizations around the world including governments, academic institutions, and private sector firms. Additional information about the CLTC can be found on their website, including a full list of initiatives, publications, and upcoming events.