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PIT Community @ Boston University: Civic Tech Hackathon

Published Originally by Tech for Change
Boston University

Boston University's Tech for Change hosted the second annual Civic Tech Hackathon, February 17-18, sponsored by PIT-UN. At this 2-day hackathon, students met like-minded individuals of all backgrounds to develop solutions addressing various challenges in your community or in the broader public sector. Hackathons such as “Tech for Change” represent a unique opportunity to showcase one's skills and to connect with students from around the nation.

Tech For Change is a national network of student clubs founded on the belief that technology can be a powerful catalyst for fostering a better and more equal society. The network’s mission is to provide opportunities for students to broaden their knowledge of public interest and to facilitate collaboration across disciplines and academic institutions that share a common interest in advancing public interest technology.

Event Details

What: Tech For Change's Second Annual Civic Tech Hackathon

When:  February 17th-18th, 2024

Where: 665 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston, MA 02215

Boston University is a member of the Public Interest Technology University Network (PIT–UN), as well as the Public Interest Technology Network–New England (PIT–NE). The Boston University School of Computing offers a wide range of programs for students to engage in public interest tech development and is working hard to advance the field of public interest technology with partner organizations, including universities as well as public and private sector institutions.  

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