PIT Community @ Cornell Tech

Source: Cornell Tech, the Digital Life Initiative

Cornell Tech's Digital Life Initiative (DLI) explores “societal perspectives surrounding the development and application of digital technology, focusing on ethics, policy, politics, and quality of life.” Accordingly, DLI's mission at Cornell Tech is "[i]nspired by the core values of justice, democracy, privacy, responsibility, security, and freedom, we support collaborative research projects that explore ethics, policy, politics, and quality of life within prevailing socio-technical systems. See below to gain greater insight into the breadth of our research, our visiting fellowships and postdoctoral opportunities, our weekly Digital Life seminar series, and the unique collective of scholars, practitioners, and innovators that constitute the DLI Team." (https://www.dli.tech.cornell.edu/)

Through DLI, Professors, Researchers, and Doctoral Students engage a wide array of projects such as Computational Histories to explore how "contemporary technologies can redress historical asymmetries in urban and rural environments."  Additional projects at DLI include "Risk Assessment in Privacy Policy and Engineering: From Theory to Practice” where the researchers are bridging “gaps between policy and practice inherent in current approaches to privacy risk assessment” to inform the extent by which "risk assessments should play in privacy policy and engineering." DLI also publishes "DLI Dispatch" with the latest publications, news, and upcoming events.

is organized around an understanding that the leaders of tomorrow must act at the nexus of people, policy, and technology. This program is co-located within CMU's School of Public Policy and School of Information Systems and Management, and has a mission aptly title “Shifting P(AI)radigm: Weighing AI's Societal Impact.” This effort spans a number of disciplines includes Cyberdefense and Cybersecurity, Arts and Entertainment, and Health Care. Additionally, CMU offers a six-month executive education Public Interest Technologist Certificate (PITC) with a focus on Data Management, Digital Innovation, and AI Leadership.

Cornell University is a member of the Public Interest Technology University Network (PIT-UN). PIT-UN is a consortium of 60+ universities whose “new curricula, research agendas, and interdisciplinary centers…are developing the capacity, expertise and human capital needed to make public interest the norm in technology.”