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From the Press: "The One Thing That’s Holding Back the Heat Pump"

Published Originally by Wired
Matt Simon

The transition to green infrastructure, notably heat pumps for sustainable energy retrofits, isn't just about technology, it's about labor too. Matt Simon makes the case that there currently exists a severe lack of qualified technicians, which poses a major hurdle to meeting climate goals for these household heating technologies. The shortage is exacerbated by the fact that existing training programs and pathways into the profession are insufficient. Paralleling a recent Technologist column by Bill Bonvillian and John Liu, Simon argues that the US needs a robust network of training programs all across the country to support the current energy transition. These technologists, trained to support the US energy transition, are part of the wide array of public interest technologists who must come together to transform critical sectors in an era of climate change.

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The One Thing Holding Back Heat Pumps
If billionaires actually cared about saving the planet, they’d pool their vast wealth and buy everyone a heat pump. But it’s not funding, or the technology itself, that’s preventing a full heat pump takeover.